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Working in South Africa since 1987, arepp:Theatre for Life creates high quality Applied Theatre productions to provide complementary social life-skills education to school-going learners, enabling informed choice and developing self-efficacy and resilience.

The arepp:Theatre for Life Trust is a human rights-based, democratic, non-sexist, non-racist, non-profit educational organisation, whose beneficiaries are the young people in South African schools who constitute the trust’s audiences.

Remember the Rules: Safety Through Puppetry

Remember the Rules: Safety Through Puppetry
Published 15 September 2016 • Written by Georgia Lahusen
arepp:Theatre for Life has completed a tour of No Monkey Business: Safety First, an Applied Theatre puppet show which performed to Grade R to 3 learners in the greater Cape Town area from May to June 2016. Thanks to the support of the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF), arepp:Theatre for...



We've recently completed a tour of "No Monkey Business: Safety First", which performed to nearly 7,000 5 to 9 year old in the greater Cape Town area from May to...
EXCITING NEWS FOR PORT ELIZABETH! Following the success of our puppet show 'No Monkey Business: Safety First' in primary schools in Cape Town, we have decided to take the show...
We at arepp:Theatre for Life have some exciting news! We opened our BRAND NEW show, 'Look Before You Leap: Being Right' to 180 Grade 8 learners from...
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