arepp:Theatre for Life's presentation was informative, relevant and exceptionally executed. The learners could identify with the characters, situations and themes and I believe that as a result of being exposed to this play they have been equipped with skills and knowledge to deal with similar situations. Excellent job team. Keep on enlightening our learners.
- Educator, Tour 2, 2015
The play equipped the learners very well with choices and moral values to be able to make enlightened choices with regards to their daily lives.
- Educator, Tour 1, 2014
The story is good for the learners and it developed the knowledge, attitude, values and skills. Every learners participated to the story. This lesson increased their knowledge and understanding life skills especially in promoting health. The story was excellent.
- Educator, Tour 3, 2014
Learners thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Issues raised were relevant and thought-provoking. Learners can reflect on their on their own actions and reactions in similar situations. Loved the idea of including Afrikaans. Play can be used as a reference point for the teachers and learners when dealing with conflict.
- Educator, Tour 4, 2014
Thank you so much for this excellent presentation. The presentation covered everything our learners are exposed to on a daily basis, be it's from media, peers, parents. Some learners were very shocked by many things raised because they are not used to open discussion, but it was so good for them now we as teachers can easily raise these topics with them as well.
- Educator, Tour 6, 2014
Learners had visual and auditory exposure to understanding their rights.
- Educator, Tour 4, 2015
The theme relates to life skills and life orientation curriculum taught at school. It was a well presented play and knowledgeable to all… This will have a positive, long-term impact in their daily living. Learners will take responsibility and accountability towards themselves, peers and all stake holders. Learners will have ability to make correct decisions and solve problems that may encounter. Educators as well have learnt skills to cascade information to their level of understanding.
- Educator, Tour 3, 2015
I responded mostly to the bullying around the stigma surrounding HIV, even though there is so much information on it.
- Grade 6 Learner, Tour 2, 2015
I also like the discussion with the facillitators because they weren't scared of answering the questions we asked and they didn't judge the way we asked them.
- Grade 8 Learner, Tour 6, 2015
I like the play it inspires me to think more about myself and what I think of other people and what people think
of me
- Grade 10 Learner, Tour 4, 2016
Learners will be able to understand that everybody is equal. After watching this play learners will be able to gain confidence and make informed choices for their lifestyle
- Educator, Tour 4, 2016
Wow! The play was so relevant to the Life Orientation content. The play was really good and relevant, it was more of a lesson than a play. The entire content of the play is educational
- Educator, Tour 4, 2016
We should have more of these presentations especially in addressing issues effecting young people like bullying, pregnancy, peer pressure, self esteem, and giving them knowledge with regards to human rights, violence and the Bill of Rights. I also liked the fact that it was young people doing for young people
- Educator, Tour 4, 2016
It reminded me how important it is not to stereotype and assume biases immediately about people because it is really unfair and there is much more to people than being put into categories
- Grade 9 Learner, Tour 4, 2016

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