Spick & Span

Spick & Span

arepp:Theatre for Life has just completed a 3-year Applied Theatre puppet show project, No Monkey Business: Spick & Span, which performed to over 130,000 Grade R to 3 learners in 5 provinces around South Africa.

In partnership with UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education, arepp:Theatre for Life produced and puppet show presentation which uses play-based learning and Applied Theatre innovation to develop Life-Skills and Self-Efficacy in Early Childhood Development education.

No Monkey Business: Spick & Span is a Mac Monkey adventure play that focuses on Basic Health & Hygiene, Germs, Sickness, Nutrition and Tuberculosis.

The target schools nominated by the Department of Basic Education for this project were rural and severely under resourced Primary Schools in KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalaga and the Northern Cape. At the conclusion of the project, arepp:Theatre for Life performed 976 shows in 438 schools to 137,057 learners.

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