Currently the arepp:Theatre for Life repertoire consists of:

1. The Look Before You Leap series (8 plays)

Targeted at Grade’s 8 to 12 and dealing with the issues of abstinence, abuse, adolescent sexuality, eating disorders, gender roles and equality, HIV/AIDS, homosexuality, negotiating relationships, parental and peer pressures, pregnancy, self-image, substance abuse, teen suicide, and the pressures to have a partner and to have sex. The focus is on choices, problem solving and self-image and explores how the concepts of gender and sexuality affect perceptions of self and society. The intention is to enhance and encourage the development of the audience’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to enable them to make sound, informed and honest decisions about themselves and their relationships; for the present and in the long term.

Plays: Big Time; Hangin’; Re-Play; Oh Yeah; Get Real; No Way; #Like; Being Right

2. The About Us series (4 plays)

Aimed at Grade’s 4 to 7 these shows focus on abuse, growing up, early sexuality and relationships, encouraging the development and acquisition of life skills. The shows also focus on choices, peer pressure and self image, and inform pre-sexually active children factually about HIV and AIDS, while exploring concepts of gender and responsibility.

Plays: Playing For Keeps; As If; Don’t Think So; Steppin’ Up

3. The No Monkey Business (9 plays) and monkey tales series (11 plays)

Aimed at Grade’s R to 3, and pre-school ages 2 to 5, respectively, these puppet shows deal with stranger danger, good and bad secrets, body awareness, physical boundaries, life-skills, self-efficacy, basic health, TB, domestic safety, violence, discrimination, HIV/AIDS awareness, physical abuse, peer-abuse, tolerance, racism and substance use.

No Monkey Business Plays: Secrets, Strangers & Surprises; Can’t Touch This; Inside Out; Healthy, Happy & Hip; Push Me, Pull You; Us & Them; Safety First; Sniffles & Sneezes; Spick & Span

monkey tales Plays: friends&strangers, come&play, can’t touch this, inside out, push&pull, secrets&surprises, safety first, sneezes&wheezes, so special.


Thank you to Athina May from the Southern Suburbs Tatler for her article on us and our show 'Look Before You Leap: Being Right'!
Happy World Theatre Day 2017!
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