arepp:Theatre for Life designs and runs training workshops, the aim of which is to pass on our skills and experience in various aspects of our theatrical methodology in Social Education, Life-style Issues and Sexuality training, and Facilitation Techniques. These provide educators and entertainers with dynamic and engaging teaching aids for use in their peer education and outreach programmes.

Training can be organised for different levels of expertise, from beginners to skilled practitioners. A training team, comprised of the experienced project implementers, dramatists, puppeteers, designers and writers of arepp:Theatre for Life, use participatory, adult learning techniques which encourage active involvement, practical exercises, improvisation and the expression of creativity.

arepp:Theatre for Life can provide a number of specially designed sessions, from one hour, to eight full weeks, on a part- or full-time basis, on various issues. Each training workshop is created according to the needs of the organisation, the resources available, as well as the time and budget constraints.

All training is based on the experience and learnings from the practical implementation of the arepp:Theatre for Life methodology and may include such aspects as:

  • The arepp:Theatre for Life Applied Theatre methodology.

  • Practical Action Research methods, and monitoring and evaluation systems for Applied Theatre programmes.

  • Applied Drama and Puppetry.

  • Effective messaging and targeting in Applied Theatre.

  • Sexuality information training.

  • Basic and Advanced Facilitation Skills: Communicating about sexuality with children, young people and adults.

  • Practical theatre-making skills in applied drama and puppetry, including:

    • Performance skills; theatre games, drama exercises, performance preparation, characterisation, movement, expression, improvisation, voice, articulation and puppet manipulation.
    • Story telling, scenario construction and script writing.
    • Design, construction and techniques in puppet making, puppet booth construction and drama stage design.
    • Directing and producing for the puppet and drama stage.
    • Practical implementation of in-the-field Applied Theatre and Puppetry programmes.

These sessions are specially designed to encourage participatory hands-on learning, and increase manual, visual, creative and language skills. They also give participants the opportunity and confidence to create something together, whilst providing them with new means of expression and information sharing. The participants are encouraged to find ways to continue with their new skills and to incorporate them into their current programmes.


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